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The PURELAB Chorus 3 All-In Bundle provides a flexible and versatile range of products and services in one package. Designed around your laboratory, the bundle includes everything from delivery and installation to preventative maintenance and extended warranty. Simple and stress-free.

Product + Delivery + Installation + Service Contract + Preventative Maintenance + Consumables + Extended Warranty

Bundles are available for all PURELAB Chorus models with options to suit your exact requirement. Bundles can be tailored to include up to 3 years extended warranty and 5 years service. Just 'contact us' for more details.

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Modular. Flexible. Reliable.

Reliable delivery of Type III water purity

When general laboratory grade water is all you need, then PURELAB Chorus 3 is the reliable solution with the flexibility to suit your requirements. It can also be used as a feed to other ELGA water systems.


Optional CO2 removal from the purified water (post RO) increasing the life of downstream consumables. Option to reduce water consumption for low hardness feed waters.


Multiple PURELAB Chorus 3 units can feed into one reservoir and systems can be expanded postinstallation. As such, the cost of future upgrades is minimized. Duplex systems also guarantee maximum uptime.

Data Capture

Data capture via USB for system performance validation and software updates.

Reduced Maintenance Times

Quick and easy replacement of consumables as well as semi-automated sanitization to reduce maintenance time


Ability to configure multiple systems to increase flow rate.


Simple to install, operate and maintain with prioritized information displayed at all times (system status, alarm) for absolute confidence as you dispense.

Auto Rinse

Maintains purity of water during periods of low use


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