Installation & Commissioning

The price quoted for installing/commissioning our equipment is based on the following conditions;


a)    You have read and understood the system performance, feed water requirements, dimensions/weights and installation detail for the product(s) you are purchasing.


b)    The site and specified facilities (water, drain, power sockets, etc.) will be available and accessible continuously.


c)    Local car parking will be available for our installation engineer


d)    All equipment will be on site in its final location (within 10m) and not in the store to which it may have been delivered.


e)    Mains water will be available within 1.5m of installation with an isolating valve and ½” (half-inch) male BSP connection


f)     A drain will be available within 1.5m of installation


g)    240v mains electrical supply will be available via a 3 pin socket within 1.5m of installation (per unit supplied)


h)   If equipment is to be wall mounted, a load bearing wall (suitable for the weight of the unit and bracket) will be available with adequate free space and ladder/steps made available and that the appropriate wall mounting bracket has been purchased.


i)     Assistance will be provided for lifting of heavy equipment (if required)


j)     A responsible person will be present to formally accept the equipment.


k)    You will advise us if you require an existing laboratory purified water system to be recycled in compliance with the WEEE regulations.


To book a date for installation please contact the Customer Service Helpdesk upon receipt of all the goods to make the necessary arrangements. Installation and commissioning work will be carried out during normal weekday working hours. Any additional costs arising from any delay resulting from non-compliance with the clauses above, or from any other circumstance beyond our reasonable control, will be charged at prevailing standard rates in addition to the price quoted.

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